Coelogyne ovalis Lindl 1838 SECTION Fulginosae

Photo by Anders Sandberg

Another Flower

Photo by Jay Pfahl

FragrancePart shadeCoolTo Warm SummerWinter

Common Name The Oval Coelogyne [refers to the shape of the midlobe of the lip] - In China Chang Lin Bei Mu Lan

Flower Size 1.2 to 1.6" [3 to 4 cm]

Found in Assam, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Xizang and Yunnan provinces of China, northeastern India, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam in montane valleys on trees or rocks at elevations of 600 to 2100 meters as a small sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte or lithophyte with 2 to 3" [5 to 7.5 cm] between each ovoid-fusiform, smooth, ridged pseudobulb enveloped basally by several dry sheaths and carrying 2, apical, erect, narrowly elliptic, acute to acuminate, gradually narrowing below into the elongate, petiolate base leaves that blooms in the summer through winter on a slender, 4.8" [12 cm] long, few flowered inflorescence arising on a mature pseudobulb with deciduous floral bracts and carrying successive opening, fragrant flowers.

Both Coelogyne ovalis and C pallens are considered by many to be a synonym of C fimbriata

SynonymsCoelogyne decora Wall. ex Voigt 1845; Coelogyne pilosissima Planch. 1855;

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