Cyrtochilum sodiroi [Schltr.] Dalstrom 2020

Photo by Sebastian Viera-Uribe and his Imgram Images by Utricseb Webste


Photo by © Jay Pfahl plant grown by Arturo Carrillo.


Drawing by © Dodson.

Part shade Cold Winter Spring Summer Fall

Common Name or Meaning Sodiro's Cyrtochilum [Ecuadorian Orchid collector and Enthusiast earlier 1900's]

Flower Size 1.2" [3 cm]

Found in southern Colombia and Ecuador as a small sized, cold growing terrestrial with a short rhizome giving rise to ovoid, laterally compressed pseudobulbs carrying 2 apical, erect, elliptic, acute to acuminate, conduplicate below into the petiolate base leaves that blooms at most any time of the year on 1 to 2, axillary, erect, to 28" [70 cm] long, elongate, paniculate, several branched, branches to 4" [10 cm] long, each few flowered, rebranching, to 2" [5 cm] long, 1 to 4 flowered, many flowered inflorescence.

Pers Comm. Stig Dalstrom: " Cyrtochilum ramosissimum (and if we are going to accept C. sodiroi as a separate taxon. I am hesitant!) have spreading basal lobes of the lip (away from the column) but with erect callus keels that touch the ventral side of the column. Cyrtochilum ramosissimum is only reported from Venezuela so far, has white flowers with purplish spots and streaks, and has slightly serrated basal callus ridges that  reach the outside of the ventral flanks of the column (barely). Cyrtochilum sodiroi (ined.) has very smooth and entire callus ridges that either just touch the ventral side of the column or are between the ventral flanks of the column. Cyrtochilum sodiroi generally has white flowers spotted and streaked with purple to various degrees, or pale yellow which makes the spots and streaks turn brown. The differences between ramosissimum and sodiroi is so subtle that I am not sure that it makes sense to keep them apart as separate taxa. But it’s necessary to point out the differences though."

Synonyms *Odontoglossum sodiroi Schltr. 1921

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