Encyclia jenischiana (Rchb. f.) Porto & Brade 1935 Photo by © J A Fowlie

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Flowers and Plant in situ Bahia Brazil with photographer Photos by © Sidney Marçal

Part sunWarmCool LATERSpring

Common Name Jenisch's Encyclia [Brazilian orchid Enthusiast 1900's]

Flower Size 2.2" [5.6 cm]

Endemic to Bahia State in northeastern Brazil on rocks or low on Vellozia bushes at elevations of 300 to 700 [1500] meters as a small sized, hot to cool growing lithophyte with conic, elongate pseudobulbs enveloped in youth by imbricate, deciduous sheaths and carrying 2 apical, erect, coriaceous, smooth, narrowly lanceolate, obtuse leaves that blooms in the later spring on a terminal, erect, racemose, 16 to 24" [40 to 60 cm] long, to 6 sequentially flowered inflorescence opening from the base towards the top with flowers that have no discernable scent.

This species is similar to E dichroma but differs in the sequential flowers, the long rhizome and the subclaviform petals.

Often cited as a synonym of Encyclia dichroma, most recently renamed Encyclia quesneliana by Withner in 2000 as a separate species, I digress to the name E ghillanyi as no other references can be found for E quesneliana. Kew resorts to the unpublished name Encyclia rosea.

Synonyms Encyclia conspicua (Lem.) Porto & Brade 1935; Encyclia ghillanyi Pabst 1976; Encyclia ortgiesii (Regel) Schltr. 1920; Encyclia quesneliana (Henshall) Withner, Cattleyas & Relatives 2000; Encyclia rosea (F.Gérard) ined. Kew; Epidendrum amabile (Batem) God.-Leb. 1887; Epidendrum conspicuum Lem. 1869; Epidendrum dichromum var. amabile Batem. 1865; Epidendrum dichromum var. striatum Rchb.f. 1866; *Epidendrum jenesquianum Rchb.f 1853; Epidendrum jenischianum Rchb.f. 1853; Epidendrum ortgiesii Regel 1891; Epidendrum quesnelianum Henshall 1845; Epidendrum roseum Gerard 1848

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