!Lycaste macrophylla (Poepp. & Endl.) Lindl. 1842 SECTION Lycaste

Photo by Jay Pfahl, plant grown by JEM Orchids

FragrancePart shadeCoolTo Hot Summer FallWinter

Common Name The Large Leaf Lycaste

Flower Size to 4 1/2" [ to 11 cm]

Found in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela at elevations of 400 to 2400 meters in wet montane forests as a medium to large sized, cool to hot growing terrestrial species, highly variable in flower color and plant size, that is with ovoid-oblong to broadly ellipsoid, complanate, sulcate, obtusely angled, pseudobulbs subtended by a few, imbricating leaf sheaths and after leaf fall has no apical teeth, carrying 2 to 3, non-deciduous, large elliptic, attenuate to channeled petiol, acuminate above, plicate leaves that blooms in the summer, fall and winter on a succession of erect, many [5] at once, basal, to 7" [17.4 cm] long, inflorescence that has inflated papery bracts, arising on a newly maturing pseudobulb and flowering successively over several months and carrying fragrant, waxy, color variable flowers held below the leaves.

Part of the L macrophylla complex consisting of L dowiana, L fuscina, L guatemalensis, L leucantha, L macrophylla, L measuresiana, Lycaste occulta, L panamensis, L puntarenasensis, L x sanderae, L viridescens, L xanthocheila, L xytriophora,

Synonyms Lycaste filomenoi Schltr. 1921; Lycaste macrophylla subsp. desboisiana (Cogn.) Fowlie 1964; Lycaste macrophylla subsp. filomenoi (Schltr.) Fowlie 1964; Lycaste macrophylla subsp. neglecta (Schltr.) Fowlie 1970; Lycaste macrophylla subsp. plana (Lindl.) Fowlie 1964;Lycaste macrophylla var alba Oakley 2008; Lycaste macrophylla var. desboisiana Cogn. 1897; Lycaste macrophylla var. measuresianum Sander 1901; Lycaste macrophylla var. plana (Lindl.) Oakeley 2007; Lycaste neglecta Schltr. 1929; Lycaste plana Lindl. 1842; *Maxillaria macrophylla Poepp. & Endl. 1836; Maxillaria phyllomega Steud. 1841

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