*`SECTION Trias [Lindl.] J J Verm, Schuit & de Vogel 2014

Synonyms *Trias Lindley 1830

Type: Trias oblonga Lindley 1830 = Bulbophyllum oblongum (Lindl.) Rchb.f. 1861

Characterized by the creeping rhizome giving rise to shoots arising from nodes beneath the distinct pseudobulbs, not fused to them, and carrying a single, apical, persistent, thick leaf that blooms on nodes beneath the pseudobulbs, a solitary to few fasciculate, single flowered inflroescence with 2 to 3 bracts and tubular floral bracts, The basal node of the pedicel is level witht the attachment of the floral bract or not. The resupinate flowers have free, equal sepals with the dorsal having 3 to 7 veins and the laterals have 5 to 9 veins. The petals ghave 1 to 3 veins. The undivided to auriculate, mobile lip is on a thin ligament and the column has the rostellum anterior suface receding in betweeen the stelida, which is half the length of the column or shorter, and deltoid to triangular in shape. There are 4 pollina with the innermost more than half as long as the outer ones.

This section has 13 species occuring in forests at elevations up to 650 meters in India, Myanmar and Thailand

Entries below with an asterix are listed in publications by J J Vermeullen and so are more likely correct than ones without. Species with a question mark in front, seem to me to not conform and so please use with caution.

  1. *Bulbophyllum antheae (J.J.Verm. & A.L.Lamb) J.J.Verm., Schuit. & de Vogel 2014 - northen Borneo

  2. *Bulbophyllum bonaccordense (C.S.Kumar) J.J.Verm., Schuit. & de Vogel 2014 southwestern India

  3. *Bulbophyllum cambodianum (Christenson) J.J.Verm., Schuit. & de Vogel 2014 Cambodia, Vietnam

  4. *Bulbophyllum capnophyton J.J.Verm., Schuit. & de Vogel 2014 Thailand

  5. *Bulbophyllum crassifolium Thwaites ex Trimen 1885 Sri Lanka

  6. Bulbophyllum disciflorum Rolfe 1895 eastern Himalayas, Laos and Vietnam

  7. *Bulbophyllum leion J.J.Verm., Schuit. & de Vogel 2014 Thailand

  8. *Bulbophyllum meson J.J.Verm., Schuit. & de Vogel 2014 Thailand

  9. Bulbophyllum nasutum Rchb. f. 1871 eastern Himalayas, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam

  10. !Bulbophyllum oblongum Rchb.f 1864 Assam, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand

  11. Bulbophyllum pictum Parrish & Rchb.f 1913 Myanmar and Thailand

  12. Bulbophyllum jejosephii J.J.Verm., Schuit. & de Vogel 2014 Assam India

  13. *Bulbophyllum roseum Ridley 1896 Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand

  14. *Bulbophyllum stocksii (Benth. ex Hook.f.) J.J.Verm., Schuit. & de Vogel 2014 southern India

References Genera Orchidacearum Vol 6 Epidendroideae Pt 3 Pridgeon, Cribb Chase & Ramussen 2014; *Phytotaxa 166 (2): 101113 J.J.Verm., Schuit. & de Vogel 2014