Vanilla planifolia Jacks. ex Andrews 1808 SUBGENUS Xanata TYPE For the Subgenus

Photo by © Richard Gautier and his Guadeloupe Orchid Page

Fragrance Part shadeWarm to Hot Winter Spring Summer Fall

Common Name Commercial Vanilla - The Flat Plane Leafed Vanilla

Flower Size 2 1/2" [6 cm]

Found in Florida, the West Indies, Central America and northern South America in tropical wet forests at lower elevations as a large sized, warm to hot growing, scandent epiphyte with a green, terete, fleshy, branching stem carrying numerous, fleshy, elliptic-oblong or ovate-elliptic, acute to subacuminate, gradually narrowing below into the basally clasping leaves spaced at intervals all along the stem that blooms on short 2" to 2 3/4" [5 to 7 cm] long, axillary, subsessile, racemose, several [to 20] flowered inflorescence that has broadly ovate-triangular, acute bracts and has the fleshy, fragrant, short-lived flowers opening in succession occuring throughout the year if well grown and it's seedpods are used to produce the essence of Vanilla. This species is often found in conjunction with ants and may benefit from their presence.

This species is the cultivated source of the vanilla essence. Its natural range probably ran from Central Veracruz in Mexico to Costa Rica or Panama, but it is now found in many tropical areas as an escape. All the material we have seen from Africa, the West Indies, South America (including Ecuador), and most of Costa Rica and Panama, is indistinguishable from the cv. “Mansa” from Veracruz, and different from wild specimens from Chiapas, Belize and Honduras which have characteristically broad, elliptic leaves. We have not examined the syntypes of V. duckei Huber, but follow Hoehne (1954) who considered it a synonym of V. planifolia. The material of V. carinata Rolfe is very inadequate, and we are not completely sure that it is conspecific with V. planifolia or V gardneri. This species has several allies with which it can be confused, particularly V. hartii, V. insignis, and V. odorata(see comments under those species)."

Synonyms Myrobroma fragrans Salisb. 1807; Notylia planifolia (Jacks. ex Andrews) Conz. 1947; Notylia sativa (Schiede) Conz. 1947; Notylia sylvestris (Schiede) Conz. 1947; Vanilla aromatica Willd. 1805; Vanilla bampsiana Geerinck 1982; Vanilla duckei Huber 1909; Vanilla fragrans (Salisb.) Ames 1924; Vanilla hirsuta M.A.Clem. & D.L.Jones 1996; Vanilla planifolia var. angusta Costantin & Boiss. ex C.Henry 1924; Vanilla sativa Schiede 1829; Vanilla sylvestris Schiede 1829; Vanilla tahitensis J.W.Moore 1933; Vanilla tiarei Costantin & Bois 1915; Vanilla viridiflora Bl. 1825;

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