SECTION Amblyanthus Schlechter 1905

TYPE: = Dendrobium melanostictum Schltr. 1905

Synonyms Amblyanthe Rauschert 1983; Amblyanthus [Schltr] Brieger 1981

Characterized by the tall, leafy, evenly swollen stem with a generally single, terminal on a leafy stem, tight, many flowered inflorescence enveloped by distinctive imbricate bracts. The outer surface of the flowers, the stems and in some cases the leaves are covered with a brown furfuraceous covering. The flowers do not open well and they are often yellow on the exterior and mostly white inside, and there is a more or less ovate, fleshy lip without much if any sidelobes, a shelflike retrose lamina on the lip with a saclike mentum opposite the cavity on the column foot and in most cases the lip is papillose.

  1. Dendrobium bismarckiense Schltr. 1905 New Guinea

  2. Dendrobium gobiense Schltr. 1912 New Guinea

  3. Dendrobium kaniense Schltr. 1912 New Guinea

  4. Dendrobium kempterianum Schltr. 1912 New Guinea

  5. !Dendrobium melanostictum Schltr. 1905 TYPE for the Section; Papua New Guinea and the Santa Cruz Islands

  6. Dendrobium microglaphys Rchb.f. 1868 Borneo, Malaysia and Sumatra

  7. Dendrobium quadriferum Schltr. 1912 New Guinea

  8. Dendrobium squamiferum J.J.Sm. 1908 New Guinea

  9. Dendrobium stockeri T.Yukawa 2000 Papua New Guinea

  10. Dendrobium xanthomeson Schltr. 1905 New Guinea

References W3 Tropicos, Kew Monocot list , IPNI ; Genera Orchidacearum Vol 6 Epidendrodeae Part 3 Pridgeon, Cribb, Chase and Rasmussen 2014