SECTION Eleutheroglossum Sclechter 1906

LectoTYPE: = Den eleutheroglossum Schlechter 1906 = Den closterium var jocosum [Rchb.f] N Halle 1977 = Dendrobium closterium Rchb.f. 1876

Synonyms Eleuthroglossum [Schltr] M A Clem. & D L Jones 2002

Characterized by the compact, several noded pseudobulbs carrying leaves with short sheaths and blooms on a subterminal inflorescence carrying flowers with erect lateral sepals and a forked lip.

  1. !Dendrobium closterium Rchb.f. 1876 LectoTYPE for the Section; New Caledonia

  2. Dendrobium fellowsii F. Muell. 1870 Australia

  3. Dendrobium ngoyense Schltr. 1906 New Caledonia

  4. Dendrobium poissonianum Schltr. 1906 New Caledonia