SECTION Oxystophyllum [Bl] Miq 1859

TYPE: = Dendrobium concinnum Miq. 1859

Synonyms *Oxystophyllum Blume 1825

Characterized by the adult thin, brown, hairy roots but in youth they are yellowish and glabrous, the stem is enveloped mostly by leaf sheaths carrying equitant, laterally flattened, fleshy, overlapping basally and apically distinctly acute leaves that blooms on short axillary inflorescence arising from along the stem or at its apex carrying a successively single flower on a short rachis that arises from conspicuous tufted bracts. The flowers are small, often purple red and havev a small tubercle-like projection underneath the apex of the fleshy lip.

  1. Dendrobium acianthum Schltr. 1912 New Guinea

  2. Dendrobium ambotiense J.J.Sm. 1928 Moluccas

  3. Dendrobium atropurpureum (Blume) Miq. 1859 Myanmar, Malaysia, Java, the moluccas, Sulawesi and New Guinea

  4. Dendrobium atrorubens Ridl. 1896 Borneo and Malaysia

  5. Dendrobium changjiangense S.J.Cheng & C.Z.Tang 1980 Hainan China

  6. Dendrobium concinnum Miq. 1859 TYPE for the Section; Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia

  7. Dendrobium cultratum Schltr. 1911 Sulawesi and the Philippines

  8. Dendrobium cuneatipetalum J.J.Sm. 1927 Sumatra

  9. Dendrobium deliense Schltr.1912 Sumatra

  10. Dendrobium elmeri Ames 1912 Philippines

  11. Dendrobium excavatum (Blume) Miq. 1859 Cambodia, Malaysia, Borneo, Java, Lesser Sunda Islands, Moluccas, Sumatra and New Guinea

  12. Dendrobium govidjoae Schltr. 1912

  13. Dendrobium hagerupii J.J.Sm. 1922 Sumatra

  14. Dendrobium helvolum J.J.Sm. 1912 Borneo

  15. Dendrobium hypodon Schltr. 1910 Sulawesi

  16. Dendrobium kaudernii J.J.Sm. 1926 publ. 1927 Sulawesi

  17. Dendrobium lockhartioides Schltr. 1910 Sulawesi

  18. Dendrobium longipecten J.J.Sm. 1928 Sumatra

  19. Dendrobium minutigibbum J.J.Sm. 1914 Sumatra

  20. Dendrobium oblongum Ames & C.Schweinf. 1920 Sabah, Kalimantan and Sarawak Borneo

  21. Dendrobium oligadenium Schltr. 1910 Sulawesi

  22. Dendrobium paniferum J.J.Sm. 1914 Java

  23. Dendrobium sinuatum (Lindl.) Lindl. ex Rchb.f 1861 Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo?

  24. Dendrobium speculigerum Schltr. 1910 Sulawesi

  25. Dendrobium hymenocentrum Schltr. 1912 New Guinea

  26. Dendrobium torricellianum Kraenzl. 1910 New Guinea

  27. Dendrobium tropidoneuron Schltr. 1911 Sumatra

  28. Dendrobium validipecten J.J.Sm. 1928 Sumatra