SECTION Bolbodium Lindley 1850

LectoTYPE: = Desmotrichum pusillum Blume 1825 = Dendrobium pachyphyllum [Kuntze] Bakh.f 1963


Characterized by the short stems with a single internode carrying 2 subterminal, coriaceous, rounded leaves and giving rise to 2 pseudoterminal flowers.

  1. Dendrobium hymenanthum Rchb.f not Hkr. 1855 India? Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Borneo and the Philippines

  2. Dendrobium micholitzii Rolfe ex Ames 1904 New Guinea

  3. Dendrobium pachyphyllum (Kuntze) Bakh. f. 1963 LectoTYPE for the Section; Assam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sumatra, Java and Borneo

  4. Dendrobium procumbens Carr 1932 Malaysia

  5. Dendrobium pseudostriatellum J.J.Wood & P.O'Byrne 2008 Borneo

  6. Dendrobium striatellum Carr 1932 penninsular Malaysia

  7. Dendrobium ustulatum Carr 1932 Malasia and Borneo