SECTION Plumata J J Verm, Schuit, & De Vogel 2014

Type: Bulbophyllum plumatum Ames 1915

This section differs from Section Ephippium in having erose to denticulate petal margins and the margins of the median sepal are entire to erose. The resupinate flowers are held in a subumbellate raceme and are 1 or 2 to 4 flowered with the basal node of the pedicel above the attachment of the floral bract. The dorsal sepal has 3 to 17 veins and the margins are glabrous to minutely cilolate, the lateral sepals are 3 to 16 times as long as the dorsal and are connate along the upper and usually along the lower margin. They have 5 to 11 veins. The petals are 1 to 3 veined and the apical margin carries 12 to 32 appendages that differ in texture from the petals themselves. The mobile lip is undivided and is on a thin ligament. The column face is longitudinaly furrowed. There are 4 pollina.

There are 4 species in this section from Thailand, penninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo and the Philippines in forests at elevations up to 1460 meters.

Entries below with an asterix are listed in publications by J J Vermeullen and so are more likely correct than ones without. Species with a question mark in front, seem to me to not conform and so please use with caution.

  1. *Bulbophyllum mirum J.J. Sm. 1906 Sabah Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Flores, Bali and penninsular Malaysia

  2. *!Bulbophyllum plumatum Ames 1915 Malaysia, Sumatra and the Philippines

  3. *Bulbophyllum scotinochiton J.J.Verm. & P.O'Byrne 2005 Sumatra

  4. *Bulbophyllum thiurum Vermeulen & O'Byrne 2005 Malaysia

  5. Bulbophyllum treschii Jenny 2012 Malaysia

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