SECTION Spatulata Lindley 1843

TYPE: = Dendrobium antennatum Lindley 1843

Synonyms Section Antennata Rchb.f 1886; Cepobaculum M A Clem & D L Jones 2002; Ceratobium [Lindl] M A Clem & D L Jones 2002; Section Ceratobium Lindley 1851; Section Ceratobium Subsection Minacia Kraenzl 1910; Section Ceratobium Subsection Mirabeliana Kraenzl 1910; Section Ceratobium Subsection Taurina Kraenzl 1910; Section Ceratobium Subsection Undulata Kraenzl 1910; Durabaculum M A Clem & D L Jones 2002; Section Eudendrobium Subsection Antennatum Rchb.f ex Pfitzer 1889; Section Stachyobium Subsection Antennata Rchb.f 1878; Section Strebloceras Schltr 1905; Section Tokai Kraenzl 1910;

Characterized by the long pseudobulbs carrying all along the stem, 2 ranked leaves that blooms on 1 to more, long, multiflowered inflorescence arising from the apical nodes of the stem carrying wide open, long lasting flowers with mostly twisted petals and sepals, tri-lobed lip with 3 or more keels along the midlobe and a prominent mentum.

  1. Dendrobium antennatum Lindley 1843 Queensland Australia, Papua and New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and surrounding islands

  2. Dendrobium archipelagense Howcroft & W.N.Takeuchi 2002 Bismark Archipelago

  3. Dendrobium aries J.J.Sm. 1914 western New Guinea

  4. Dendrobium bicaudatum Reinw. ex Lindl. 1859 Mollucas and Sulawesi

  5. Dendrobium brillianum Ormerod & Cavestro 2005 Papua New Guinea

  6. Dendrobium calophyllum Rchb.f. 1870 Java, Lesser Sunda Islands and the Moluccas

  7. Dendrobium canaliculatum R. Brown 1810 Australia and New Guinea

  8. Dendrobium capra J.J. Sm. 1910 Lesser Sunda Islands and eastern Java

  9. Dendrobium carronii Lavarack & P.J. Cribb 1983 Australia and Papua and New Guinea

  10. Dendrobium cochliodes Schltr. 1912 Papua and New Guinea and Irian Jaya

  11. Dendrobium conanthum Schltr. 1912 New Guinea, New Caledonia, the Philippines and Vanuatu

  12. Dendrobium crispilinguum P.J.Cribb 1980 Papua New Guinea

  13. Dendrobium devosianum J.J.Sm. 1934 western New Guinea

  14. Dendrobium discolor Lindley 1841 Australia

  15. Dendrobium x fleischeri J.J.Sm. 1913

    southern New Guinea

  16. Dendrobium gouldii Rchb. f. 1867 Papua and New Guinea and the Solomon Islands

  17. Dendrobium hamiferum P.J.Cribb 1981 New Guinea

  18. Dendrobium helix P.J. Cribb 1980 New Guinea

  19. Dendrobium johannis Rchb.f 1865 Australia and Papua and New Guinea

  20. Dendrobium lasianthera J.J. Sm 1932 Papua and New Guinea

  21. Dendrobium laxiflorum J.J.Sm. 1932 Moluccas

  22. Dendrobium leporinum J.J.Sm. 1909 the Mouluccas and western New Guinea

  23. Dendrobium lineale Rolfe 1889 New Guinea

  24. Dendrobium macranthum A.Rich.1834 New Caledonia, Santa Cruz Islands, Vanuatu and Wallis & Futna

  25. Dendrobium magistratus P.J. Cribb 1981Papua and New Guinea

  26. Dendrobium militare P.J.Cribb 1996 Ternate of the Moluccas Islands

  27. Dendrobium mirbelianum Gaudich. 1829 Queensland Australia, Solomon Islands and Papua and New Guinea

  28. Dendrobium mussauense Ormerod 1997 The Bismark Archipelago to the north of New Guinea

  29. Dendrobium nindi W. Hill 1874 northeastern Australia and sporadically in New Guinea

  30. Dendrobium parnatanum Cavestro 2002 Western New Guinea

  31. Dendrobium percnanthum Rchb.f. 1886 Moluccas

  32. Dendrobium pseudoconanthum J.J.Sm. 1926 Sulawesi

  33. Dendrobium racieanum Cavestro 2003 western New Guinea

  34. Dendrobium rennellii P.J.Cribb 1983 Solomon Islands

  35. Dendrobium rigidifolium Rolfe 1899 New Guinea

  36. Dendrobium samoense P.J.Cribb 1983 Samoa

  37. Dendrobium schulleri J.J.Sm. 1914 western Guinea

  38. Dendrobium soriense Howcroft 1996 Papua New Guinea

  39. Dendrobium stockelbuschii Schettler 2016 eastern Indonesia?

  40. Dendrobium stratiotes Rchb. f.1886 western New Guinea, the Moluccas [Halmaheira and Morotai], the Sunda Islands and Sulawesi

  41. Dendrobium strebloceras Rchb.f 1886 Malaysian archipelago

  42. Dendrobium strepsiceros J.J. Sm. 1912 the Moluccas and New Guinea

  43. Dendrobium sutiknoi P.O'Byrne 2005 New Guinea

  44. Dendrobium sylvanum Rchb. f. 1877 Papua New Guinea, New Ireland, Bouganville and the Solomons

  45. Dendrobium tangerinum P.J. Cribb 1980 New Guinea

  46. Dendrobium taurinum Lindl. 1843 Philippines

  47. Dendrobium taurulinum J.J.Sm. 1920 Seram of the Moluccas

  48. Dendrobium tokai Rchb.f. 1865 Fiji and Tonga

  49. Dendrobium trilamellatum J.J.Sm. 1908 southern New Guinea and in northern Australia

  50. Dendrobium violaceoflavens J.J. Sm. 1929 western New Guinea

  51. Dendrobium wulaiense Howcroft 1981 Papua and New Guinea